Whether you have read about it in fashion magazines, in the posts of beauty bloggers, or discovered it through the latest medical research news, you won’t fail to know by now that regular collagen intake should be part of your everyday life.

Should I start taking collagen supplements daily?

You have decided you would like to start regularly using collagen supplements. Should you do this every day? And, if so, how long should you do this for? Let’s look at this together, using only facts and proven scientific information to make an informed decision.

Hollywood’s walking proof

Several Hollywood Actresses and A-list stars have publicly stated that collagen intake has been part of their daily ritual for years.

The likes of Natalie Portman, Jennifer Anniston and Lady Gaga are arguably the best living examples of collagen’s health benefits as they glow on the red carpet, looking like they might stay young looking forever. Not only is this natural product fashionable and in huge demand, but when you see these stars, you understand they are walking advertisements for collagen.

Our skin is 75% collagen!

Collagen is the primary structural protein accounting for 75% of our skin. When we are in our prime, aged 20-25, most of us have optimum amounts of collagen, which helps explain the smooth, baby-skinned oval faces we usually associate with this age group.

However, after 25 (if not earlier), there is a slowdown in our body's collagen production. And the bad news is it begins to do so dramatically. We must, therefore, proactively help our bodies maintain the optimum collagen levels they need. And if we fail to act quickly enough, our skin will lose its firmness, causing it to become flabby and less attractive. Eventually, this leads to wrinkles and fine lines. Fortunately, there is a solution to this troubling situation - collagen supplement use.

The most important things to consider

The most important things to consider about Collagen therapy are its molecular weight and the dosage you use. The collagen molecule in creams and serums is often too large to penetrate the skin’s surface. Collagen contained in creams has a high molecular weight when it is in an insoluble form. Otherwise, it simply could not be added to the cream. However, hydrolyzed collagen in soluble powder has a much lower molecular weight and can be easily absorbed by the body. 

It is easier to understand how this all works if we take the example of bacteria flora. Which is the most effective way of restoring the bacterial flow in the body? By smearing live bacteria from head to toe? Or by consuming the bacteria flora directly into our bodies by drinking it? Imbibing bacteria flora is, of course, more effective. And this is the same case for collagen.

Avoiding inferior products

However, there are also many pitfalls when it comes to collagen consumption, and not all the "collagens" will have the desired effect that we are all looking for.

A good example is the thousands of different collagen tablets and drinks on the market. Many of these include a low collagen mass and other ‘healthy’ ingredients only present in tiny doses of mere milligrams. In some instances, you would need to swallow a dozen or more tablets or drink several glass fulls every day for that product to have the desired effect that it promises on the label.

Unfortunately, under consumer law, there is no limitation on the font size used on the packaging for a particular ingredient. This fact is abused and taken advantage of by some manufacturers who use it to manipulate consumers into believing there is more collagen in their product than there is.

Furthermore, some nutraceutical drinks (Nutraceutical drinks come from food sources believed to possess health benefits) tend to have a strong unpleasant taste, which makes it impossible to consume them regularly over time. Some alternative brands pack them with unhealthy sugars to hide this disagreeable taste or add substitutes with a high glycemic index. The net result is we consume products that harm the body rather than improve our overall health. 

And remember: For collagen to do its job in the body, an individual must take a course lasting at least three months and equating to a total collagen intake of approximately 450000 mg.

Is there a solution to these problems?

The good news is yes!  Pure and neutral collagen powder quickly penetrates the bloodstream because its molecules have been broken down into peptides through hydrolysis and are easy to digest. 

Once in the bloodstream, collagen molecules boost your collagen production. The amino acids embed themselves in the membranes of skin cells, joints, and other connective tissues. This results in smoother skin and reduced wrinkles. By consuming collagen peptides for more than 90 days, the user can also expect the firmness of their skin to return and for their face to look much younger.

Choose collagen that works!

Finally, we must understand that not all types of collagen possess the same qualities.

For healthier skin, nails, and hair, we must consume collagen of the first and third types. And the best option available to us is fish collagen.

Therefore, if you wish to choose a product that is the real deal rather than nothing more than a few exaggerated marketing slogans, then pure fish collagen without any impurities or additives is the collagen you need to prevent bone loss, improve your skin, nails, and hair, and to boost your overall well being!

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