Invariably one of the things we fantasise most about when we think ahead to the summer is sipping a perfectly-chilled refreshing cocktail on a tropical beach as sunset approaches. But what is a Collagen Cocktail? What are the experts’ tips on making the perfect cocktail? And what are our top 5 summer Collagen-based Cocktails for 2023?

The origin of cocktails

The word cocktail was likely first used around 1800. There is a dispute over who used the term first, but the popularity of British punch drinks inspired the creation of cocktails. Truthfully, though, cocktails might have been around for centuries as it is human nature to experiment by mixing drinks.

The popularity of cocktails (and mocktails) today

Cocktails have never been more popular than they are in the 2020s. They now account for one-tenth of all alcohol sales in British bars and restaurants, while the market for at-home cocktails in the UK grew by over 40% in 2020.  Mocktails - cocktails with no alcohol added - are also more popular, especially as more young people choose not to consume alcohol. In recent years, the health-conscious have added Collagen to their cocktails and mocktails.

What is a collagen cocktail?

Collagen cocktails and mocktails are, as you might expect, alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixer drinks that contain collagen. If mixing collagen in a cocktail sounds odd, remember that pure peptide collagen powder completely dissolves in liquids. Furthermore, a high-quality collagen powder such as Col Du Marine is tasteless and odour-free, meaning it does not alter the taste or odour of any cocktail. The great thing about a collagen cocktail is that you can enjoy all the health benefits of collagen while delighting in that unforgettable summer taste of your favourite cocktail. It is also worth noting that collagen powder is gluten-free and comes without artificial preservatives, colouring and sweeteners!

9 tips for making the perfect cocktail

We want to share our tips on how to make a fantastic cocktail. There’s much more to a good cocktail than a list of simple ingredients and a couple of fancy-looking glasses. Here are our nine tips for making the perfect collagen-based summer cocktail:

Ice ice baby

The best cocktails use fresh ice sourced from pure, filtered water. It might not sound like a big deal but trust us - it is when it comes to the final taste!


When creating delicious cocktails and mocktails, bartenders and mixologists will tell you too much or rapid dilution of the drink’s ingredients is one of their biggest enemies. And the easiest way to minimise the pace of dilution is by properly chilling your cocktail glasses.

Choose fresh mixers over cost-cutting old ones

Use freshly-opened mixers. It might not sound significant, but there is a noticeable difference in quality and taste between a freshly opened bottle of Coca-Cola and a three-day-old half-empty bottle of flat Coke.

Fresh fruit is better than refrigerated!

Fresh fruit peeled and added to a cocktail at room temperature is a better alternative to refrigerated fruit. Frozen fruit comes with added water, which means less fruit in your cocktail!


While, ultimately, it is how a cocktail tastes that is our number one priority, how that cocktail or mocktail looks is also a factor to consider. Anybody consuming a well-presented cocktail is more likely to enjoy it. It’s human nature. One effective way to present a cocktail attractively is to do so in a manner that draws attention to the ingredients.

Don’t skimp on the ingredients!

In the interests of cost, it is often a temptation to cut back on the quality and quantity of ingredients. Resist the temptation to cost cut and choose high-quality products. And use them in quantities that best complement the beverage.

Shaken, not stirred!

Shaken, not stirred is how James Bond likes his Martini Cocktail. Stir distilled spirits. Thicker ingredients will tend to be shaken. Understanding the difference is essential to the quality of any cocktail.

Invest in the right gear!

You don’t need to break the bank but invest in a good quality cocktail shaker, bar spoon, and a shot glass or spirits measure.

Use fresh juice, not the stuff from a packet!

While packet juices are more convenient, nothing beats the taste of freshly squeezed fruit juice in your cocktail!

Top 5 summer collagen-based Cocktails

Here are our top 5 collagen-based cocktails for summer 2023.

The overlooked classic

Mix a scoop of collagen powder into a classic Bloody Mary Cocktail. The glutamic acid in tomatoes helps give savoury foods their unique mouthwatering flavour.

One of the great joys of a well-made Bloody Mary is that while some summer cocktails are gone in just a few minutes, the Bloody Mary is a cocktail that you can comfortably sit over and fully enjoy for an hour or more. Adding Collagen to this timeless classic means the finished cocktail is delicious, mouthwatering, and healthy and can be spicy, tangy or savoury.

Ingredients:  * 3 parts vodka * 6 parts tomato juice * 1 part lemon juice * celery * black pepper * salt * Col Du Marine peptides collagen powder * Worcestershire sauce * Tabasco sauce

Summer in a Glass

Popular website The Cocktail Project has dreamt up a beautiful-looking cocktail called the Summer Fish Bowl. Reminiscent of the turquoise Indian Ocean, the Summer Fish Bowl looks like summer in a glass. Add 5 grams of Col Du Marine pure peptides collagen powder to this cocktail to create a delicious summer collagen-based cocktail.

Ingredients: * ½ part Coconut Rum * ½ part Blue Curacao Liqueur * 1 part Vodka * 1 part Pineapple Juice *5 grams of Col Du Marine collagen powder * 1 part Lemon Juice * Garnish: Lemon Wedge

A reinvented summer classic

Few drinks taste better on a hot summer’s day than a Mojito. For a 2023 twist on the original, try a Mango and Pineapple collagen-based Mojito!

Ingredients: * 50g of freshly cut pineapple * 50g of freshly cut mango * 5 grams of Col Du Marine Collagen peptides powder * 2 chopped limes * fresh mint * 3 tablespoons of brown sugar * 150ml white rum * 150ml pineapple flavoured rum * 500ml of sparkling water

The future past fruity cocktail

Cocktails originated from the love of punch drinks, so brighten your summer with the perfect old-school sharing cocktail - Pimm’s! This gin-based fruit cap is highly versatile and is ideal for anyone wishing to add lots of fruit to their collagen-based cocktail.

Ingredients: * 200ml Pimm’s * 5 grams Col Du Marine Collagen peptides powder * 3 strawberries * a touch of fresh mint * 600ml Blueberry sorbet * Sparkling water

The sunny Mocktail alternative

Not everyone wants to drink alcohol. So it is always wise to have a non-alcoholic mocktail alternative available for your guests. If the weather is scorching-hot, quench your thirst with a Ginger Mint Collagen Mocktail.

Ingredients: * 60 grams of pineapple juice * 15 grams of lime * 5 grams of Col Du Marine Collagen powder * a handful of mint leaves.

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