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Questions and Answers

Collagen is the human body’s primary and most abundant structural protein, making up around one-third of total protein content and 75% of our skin. Collagen is a triple helix molecular structure consisting of three amino acid chains. It ensures the integrity, elasticity and strength of our body's connective tissues, thus maintaining the form and function of our skin, cartilage, hair, joints, nails, ligaments, tendons and bones. Collagen is produced naturally by the body and is also derived from marine and animal sources. It is also possible to consume collagen as a 100% ingestible powder, with one of the leading brands on the market being Col Du Marine™ pure marine peptides collagen.

Marine collagen is collagen derived from fish skins. It contains mainly type I and III collagen molecules.

Marine collagen has been shown to have superior bioavailability when compared to collagen derived from animal sources. Bioavailability is the rate at which food is absorbed into the bloodstream through our intestinal walls. In other words, marine collagen enters the bloodstream faster than any other collagen type and can therefore work faster and more effectively than animal origin collagen and alternative supplements that promote the production of our own collagen.

There are many different types of collagen. Currently, scientists have identified 28 variations. Each type of collagen boasts a different sequence of amino acids. These unique combinations help determine the role and function of that type of collagen in our bodies.

The most common and well-researched classifications of collagen are types I, II and III, which account for 90% of all collagen.

Type I collagen and Type III collagen are the most prevalent within our bodies. Type I collagen is the most abundant form of collagen in the human body and is responsible for strong hair, skin, nails and bones. Type III is essential for the integrity of our bones and is needed for the blood circulation system to operate in a strong, healthy way.

Type II Collagen is less prevalent within the human body. It is present in our joints and cartilage. Intake of Type II collagen is important in promoting joint health.

Collagen and collagen peptides are the same protein in different forms. One is essentially a form of the other. But there are good reasons why this difference matters. And it matters a lot. Collagen peptides are also called hydrolyzed collagen. Through the process of hydrolysis, fish and animal collagen is broken down into peptides, so that they become bioavailable.

Hydrolysed collagen is a broken-down form of functional protein, derived from collagen.

To describe this in a simple way, we can say:

Marine collagen is extracted from fish skins as a form of gelatine, and then that gelatine is hydrolyzed.
Hydrolysis is the chemical breakdown of compounds due to a reaction with water and enzymes.
After hydrolysis, we are left with very small peptides with very low weights of 2-4 kDa. Thanks to this low molecular weight, hydrolyzed collagen enjoys superior bioavailability. Collagen molecules are subsequently absorbed and delivered to where the body needs them most.

Yes, collagen is a protein. It accounts for about a third of the total amount of protein in our body. It contains 19 amino acids, 8 of which are essential.

Our collagen is sourced from the world industry leader in France. It is produced according to the highest quality standards and is considered the benchmark marine collagen on the market.

Here are some facts about Col Du Marine™:

  • It is obtained by two sequential processes, firstly gelatin is extracted from fish skin. The gelatin is then hydrolysed, resulting in collagen peptides. The desired peptide sequence produced by hydrolysis is 100% controlled via adding specific enzymes, which cleave the protein bonds at a particular place.
  • It is made entirely from sustainable wild and aquaculture sources.
  • It has a 100% neutral smell, taste and flavour. It is crystal clear once diluted.
  • It is in micro-granulated form, which contributes to its superior dilution in beverages.
  • It is a natural product and is not classified as an artificial food additive.
  • It is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 standards.
  • It is Halal and Kosher certified.

Each batch is tested for residual moisture, nutritional value, heavy metals and microbiology. Only batches that have been fully and rigorously tested and have passed EU safety standards and regulations are approved as raw materials for Col Du Marine™. The final packaging of Col Du Marine™ takes place in pharmaceutical- and nutraceutical-accredited contract manufacturing facilities within the European Union.

Only collagen processed via very gentle hydrolysis and passing through all the phases necessary to deliver optimum sequenced peptides can produce superior-quality marine collagen which is of the standard of Col Du Marine™.

There are numerous quality considerations that many competing brands do not concern themselves with. For example, the fish skins must be cleaned many times to be entirely free of any foreign bodies such as fat, meat, bones and scales. Furthermore, the extraction of the collagen via direct enzymatic hydrolysis of the skin without passing through the gelatin phase is also detrimental to the quality of the end product. Treatment temperatures must be low and enzymes which are responsible for particular amino acid sequence creation can easily become too numerous.

Unfortunately, many collagen products and brands are based on ingredients whose production is not controlled at all stages and cannot meet the specifications derived from a proprietary nine-step extraction process. If the amino acid sequence does not correspond to what it should do, it may be considered to be another protein but not collagen. Yes, this protein may still contribute positively to an individual’s overall health, but it will not achieve what the marketing promises and boost the body’s collagen production.

The bottom line is that when choosing your marine collagen supplement, you should not gamble on products which simply have beautiful designs (don’t judge a book by its cover) or on brands that promise doses of concentrated ingredients that are, in reality, too minuscule to have any genuine health benefit for the end user.

In fact, only registered trademarks with proven feedback and transparent product quality control schemes are beneficial and effective for you as a consumer.

Col Du Marine™ is a guaranteed top-quality branded collagen with the highest possible peptide concentration and world-class safety and manufacturing profile.

The production of Col Du Marine™ is a long and complex process. There are 9 stages that have to be completed before Col Du Marine™ is ready:

  1. Degreasing of raw materials. This process sees the removal of fat, meat, scales and fins from the skin of fish.
  2. Acid treatment to break the native structure of collagen in the skin.
  3. Extraction of fish gelatin.
  4. Purification - removal of impure chemical elements from the gelatin mass.
  5. Enzymatic hydrolysis is the process by which enzymes cleave protein bonds to peptides in a specific amino sequence inherent in collagen.
  6. Peptide concentration - by reducing the water content to the optimal concentration.
  7. Ultrafiltration, which takes place using a 2 kDa (kilodalton) filter. This process ensures that any fish taste and odour are removed and are no longer present in the finished product.
  8. Sterilisation to ensure the product is 100% safe.
  9. Spray drying. A process that produces a dry powder from a substance by rapid drying it with a hot gas.

The best way to use Col Du Marine™ collagen is to simply add a sachet or scoop of powder to your morning coffee, smoothie, water, juice or any other beverage of your choice (except green tea). Mix the powder into your beverage with a teaspoon for a few seconds until fully diluted. Col Du Marine™ collagen can be taken either on an empty stomach or with a meal. Col Du Marine™ collagen can be added to your food, including salad dressings, soups, desserts and bakery products.
For optimum results, we suggest a 12-week course with a daily intake of 5g. This course is recommended following clinical trials and research conducted in Nice, France in 2016. The research summary is available for you to read here:

Other clinical studies of marine collagen conclude that the maximum daily consumption of marine collagen should not exceed 20g. If you wish to exceed this amount, we suggest you consult your doctor first.

The good news is that heat does not damage or lessen the effectiveness of collagen. Not unless you heat it to extreme temperatures in excess of 300 degrees Celsius, which isn’t a concern for anybody consuming Col Du Marine™ with their food or drink. Collagen peptides remain stable in hot and cold drinks and when added to food.

Col Du Marine™ is a natural product with no additives or sweeteners. It can be consumed with other supplements without any detrimental side effects. In fact, many people who regularly consume Col Du Marine™ are taking other supplements such as Vitamin C and Biotin to help improve their overall health and well-being.

Until the age of 18, most people's bodies produce optimal amounts of collagen, so it is not recommended for those under that age.

The recommended daily dose of Col Du Marine™ collagen is 5 g. This corresponds to two scoops from a Col Du Marine™ jar or one individual sachet.

For anyone wanting faster and better results, it is possible to increase the daily dose to a maximum of 20g. But you shouldn’t exceed this figure.

Col Du Marine™ collagen is 100% natural and derived from fish. It is free of any other ingredients and additives making it safe and non-toxic to humans. The ingredients are the subject of numerous safety tests, and no negative or unwanted side effects have ever been officially registered or noted. However, anyone who is allergic to fish products should not consume marine collagen supplements.

Col Du Marine™ is free of fat and cholesterol of any type and is, therefore, suitable for diabetics. However, side effects are possible if the product is not consumed responsibly.

If you have any concerns regarding the dosage and possible side effects, we suggest you consult your doctor before starting your recommended 12-week course.

Col Du Marine™ has no contraindications for use during pregnancy. However, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before use.

There is currently no science to suggest categorically that taking collagen in the morning, afternoon or evening is more effective. However, when we consume food and drink late at night, our bodies need to work to digest and metabolize the food we just ate, which disrupts our sleep pattern. Consequently, for many of us, consuming collagen in the morning or afternoon is likely better overall for our health. One of the most important considerations when it comes to using collagen is creating a routine that best works for you. This is why we recommend taking Col Du Marine™ every morning with your first cup of coffee or breakfast smoothie. Ultimately though, you can take Col Du Marine™ at absolutely any time of the day.

Depending on an individual's age and personal goals, you can expect to notice the first positive results after taking Col Du Marine™ on a daily basis for 3 weeks.

Some common tangible signs of positive progress include:

  • Better hydrated skin and noticeably less impact from sun, wind, cold and urban environments.
  • Smoother skin around the wrist areas. This is often the most obvious sign of positive changes.
  • The skin looks much more radiant compared to using serum-based cosmetics.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles become less noticeable.
  • Hair becomes thicker and nails become stronger and grow faster.
  • Pain relief for moderate tendon and cartilage problems.
  • Feeling better overall health through improved blood vessel function and gut health.

For the best results and the most health benefits, we recommend you complete the 12-week course.

Col Du Marine™ is a safe and non-toxic daily supplement that you can continue to take as part of a normal balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Indeed, taking Col Du Marine™ for longer periods can generate even better results for your skin, nails, hair, and joint health.

Some people prefer to complete the recommended 12-week course, take a break, and then repeat the course every 3 months. Others continue without a break. If you stop taking collagen supplements, you will naturally experience a decrease in your own collagen production again over time.

Age is the number one factor because we all start to lose the ability to produce enough collagen after the age of 20, losing an average of 1.5% per year. This collagen loss accelerates as we get older.

Other factors that determine an individual’s collagen loss include:

  • Diet
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Exposure to UVA light
  • Consuming too much sugar and refined carbs
  • Lack of quality sleep
  • Lack of regular exercise