About Us

Col Du Marine™ was founded in 2017 to meet the ambitious challenge of giving everyone the opportunity to experience first-hand the health and wellness benefits of marine collagen peptides. 

After the age of 21, the body's natural synthesis of collagen declines by 1.5% per year. And by the time we are 45, collagen levels in some of us can drop by as much as 36%, leading to numerous negative effects including loose skin, brittle nails and premature hair loss.

The most effective and natural way to restore collagen production in the body is to start consuming collagen internally, which in turn will promote the natural production of collagen by connective tissue cells.

In the recent past, only collagen of animal origin, coarsely processed, and with a high molecular weight, could be found as a dietary supplement. However, in recent years, the latest controlled hydrolysis and nano-filtration technologies have opened up the possibility of producing low molecular weight marine collagen peptides of the highest quality.

Thanks to this process, the marine collagen is tasteless and odourless, and all bioactive properties are preserved, which is the key to restoring the body's own collagen production in the shortest possible time.

Since the launch of the brand, Col Du Marine™ collagen has won the hearts of over 30,000 loyal consumers worldwide, has been honoured with multiple awards from prestigious glossy publications, and is now available in over 500 beauty salons and health food stores.