Sensible consumption, natural beauty, and youthfulness - these are the main trends for 2024! 

There is always an ongoing discussion about the latest trends. In the health and wellness industries, every manufacturer and consumer is searching for the latest products to help transform our health and improve our overall quality of life. If you are over 25, you should add pure marine collagen to your diet. Why? Well, let’s find out!

What is collagen? And why is it so important to us?

How do you keep your skin looking young, preserve a healthy weight, and maintain shiny hair while continuing with that joyful spring in your step? The answer is to retain the optimum levels of one of the body’s principal building materials, the protein we call collagen!

Collagen is vital for many structures in the body to function optimally. But it is our skin that we will talk about in detail here.

Anybody fit and healthy and under 20 will likely feel unconcerned about the youthfulness of their skin. We maintain the correct collagen levels we need until we are approximately 20-25 years old. Sadly, once we pass the quarter of a century mark, nature plays a cruel trick: the natural ageing mechanism kicks in, and physical youth begins to pass. Signs of this collagen deterioration include a sudden lack of firmness and elasticity in our skin, particularly our faces. It is noticeable, for example, that some 25-year-olds (many of whom are heavy smokers) begin to look much older than their compatriots. As collagen reserves dwindle, our joints and connective tissues also suffer. However, while this might be rather depressing to read, all is not lost! There are steps we can all take to improve our skin health and limit the ageing process we all face starting in our third decade of life.

Skin care tips

We should take care of our skin all year round. In the autumn, for example, when the colder winds return, and we spend more and more time indoors, relying on dry, artificial heat to stay warm and comfortable, this isn’t ideal for our skin. If we do too much sunbathing in the summer months, our skin can become damaged. In every season, we face challenges to our skin’s health.

The collagen or protein skeleton of the skin consists of collagen molecules and another protein, elastin, which forms spirals of tightly woven, rope-like fibres. Unfortunately, this sturdy structure weakens with age as collagen breaks down and fewer new molecules are made (the amount of collagen produced by the body becomes smaller each year). The spirals that once 'held your face' in its youthful-looking state begin to unravel. When your skin loses this support structure, its tone deteriorates. Moreover, creases and wrinkles appear.

Collagen conundrum    

For several years, the beauty industry has been trying to figure out how to infuse collagen molecules into your skin to strengthen its framework and restore its natural firmness and elasticity. Various methods have been tried, from seemingly common sense ideas to the weird and the wonderful (one experiment involved giant snails smearing people’s skin with a collagen-based slime). Collagen is also present in many kinds of creams. However, all attempts to externally introduce collagen into the skin have had limited success.

Why is the external use of collagen much less successful than consuming it in soluble form?

Between the upper layer of skin, the epidermis, and the dermis located below, there is a boundary known as the basal membrane, through which collagen molecules simply cannot physically pass. It is like trying to sift peas through a tea strainer - impossible.

The most important thing about collagen is its molecular weight and dosage. Collagen in creams has a high molecular weight because it is an insoluble form of the substance. And so, when you are spending money on expensive collagen care products, think about what works and invest in genuine ways to rejuvenate your skin.

Luckily, it is possible to consume the collagen you need

However, the beauty industry has persevered in its mission to find a way of offering us the collagen we need. And, now, anyone can control the amount of collagen in their body. All we need to do is add a dose of beauty and youthfulness to our daily lives with Col Du Marine™ Marine Collagen!

Col Du Marine™ Marine Collagen offers the solution that the beauty industry and health-conscious consumers have been searching for!  We will explain more!

What is Col Du Marine™?

Col Du Marine™ is pure marine collagen from the world leader in the industry. The famous French manufacturer is a global pioneer of marine collagen production. Collagen Col Du Marine™ is pure hydrolyzed marine collagen, free of extraneous additives and has no taste or smell. Furthermore, it completely dissolves in cold or hot liquid.

Fighting collagen loss

Collagen, a structural protein that makes up around 75% of our skin, has been proven by numerous studies to slow dramatically after 25. If you do nothing to halt this process, your collagen levels will continue to deplete, resulting in your skin losing firmness and elasticity. Over time, your skin will become flabby, and wrinkles will appear.  In our 40s, for example, collagen production drops by around 30% and the skin’s thickness decreases on average by 20%.

Not all collagen is born equal.

Not all collagen products are equally beneficial. Collagen pills and drinks, for example, are often a complete waste of time and money. The formulas of such products sometimes contain negligible levels of collagen and other ‘healthy’ ingredients. Unfortunately, current consumer rights legislation allows manufacturers and brand managers to exaggerate and downright lie about the benefits of their products. Many collagen products and brands bring no health benefits! Worse still, some are detrimental to our health.

Before you consider purchasing any product labelling itself as ‘collagen,’ read its ingredients label and find out how much pure collagen there is in that product!

Inferior collagen products can do more harm than good!

Not only do some collagen brands exaggerate the amount of collagen contained in their products along with the ability of that product to promote better health, but worse still, some of these products are detrimental to our health. Some fake brands or inferior products add high concentrations of sugars and additives to make them taste and look more attractive to potential customers. These high glycemic index sugars combined with cheap and nasty chemical additives might make the product taste and look better, but they are also unfavourable for our health. So rather than that product improving our overall health and well-being, sadly, they are bad for us, doing more harm than good. Anyone wishing to buy collagen supplements must be aware that for collagen to do its job in the body, it is necessary to take it for at least three months and consume the total recommended dosage of 450,000 mg.

Collagen tips for 2024

So, here are a few tips on making collagen work for you in 2024, helping you to look more youthful while feeling much healthier inside:

  • To maintain your skin's natural lifting system, take marine collagen orally.
  • Pure collagen powder enters the bloodstream because its molecules, specially prepared through hydrolysis, are more easily absorbed by the body, unlike collagen food sources.
  • Once in the bloodstream, collagen molecules reach their destination and are incorporated into the membranes of cells in the skin, joints and other connective tissues, resulting in smoother skin, a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, a return of firmer skin, and a more youthful appearance of the face.
  • When choosing collagen, remember that not all collagen is equally effective! The type of collagen is of great importance. Collagen types 1 and 3 are best for your hair, skin and nails.
  • Avoid collagen products packed full of impurities and additives, commonly found in the unscrupulous manufacturers of collagen sweet drinks. Pure marine collagen is what works.

Why should you choose Col Du Marine™ Collagen?

Col Du Marine™ Collagen is odourless and tasteless, without any fillers that create empty weight. Every microgram of the product will hit the exact target.


Make 2024 a healthier year for you! Add beauty and youthfulness to your morning coffee or evening smoothie with Col Du Marine™! 

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