I was introduced to Col Du Marine™ by my trusted cosmetologist, around one year ago. Since then, I have incorporated this product into my daily routine and practice, and based on my positive experiences, I can confidently assert that it yields remarkable results.

Beyond its commendable ingredients and formula, which include hydrolyzed collagen peptides, it possesses an appealing quality of being both odourless and tasteless. Because it is available in convenient-to-use sachet packs, it is easy to integrate into my everyday life. It doesn’t matter if I am working, commuting or travelling; I never miss my daily intake of Col Du Marine™. And as well as being convenient and practical in my life, it is the same for my clients. I wholeheartedly endorse this product to my clients and fellow medical professionals alike.

As a practitioner, I strongly believe that an individually-tailored approach is imperative for each client. Everyone is distinct, with a unique health profile and completely different personal aspirations. We can prevent many health-related challenges and complications by quickly identifying and accurately addressing nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. This philosophy drives my commitment to personalised preventive medicine and brings tangible benefits today. And I believe that this way of thinking is the future of healthcare.

With the utmost respect,
Inna Geller
MSc Nutrition Science, Riga Stradins University