Collagen and biotin play contrasting roles in the human body. Which is better for your health needs? What are the respective pros and cons of collagen and biotin? And can you take collagen and biotin supplements at the same time?

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a vitamin known as Vitamin B7. It is called Vitamin H in North America. Because the human body cannot produce biotin, it is only available in certain foods and supplements. Biotin plays an essential role in metabolism. Why is this important? B7 is a component of enzymes that help break down carbs, fats and amino acids in our bodies. Slow metabolism burns fewer calories. The body stores these calories as unhealthy fat. Having good metabolism also removes toxins from our bodies more quickly.

Health benefits of taking biotin

Adding foods to your diet containing Vitamin B7 can improve body function. If you cannot get all the B7 vitamins you need from your regular diet, then supplements are another source of Biotin worth considering. Here are some of the potential health benefits:

Gene therapy

Studies suggest that Biotin helps regulate our genes.

Hepatitis treatment

Hepatitis is a debilitating disease, with 300 million worldwide suffering its chronic effects. Biotin helps treat hepatitis.

Improved hair health

Biotin helps reverse hair loss in some individuals, although prematurely bald men shouldn’t expect a miracle cure. The jury is still out on whether Biotin supplements can aid hair health in the long term. However, for now, the initial evidence is positive.

Nerve health support

Studies show that Vitamin B7 aids nerve damage recovery, although there is currently no evidence that these benefits work in the long term.

Treating brittle nails

Biotin can treat brittle nails. However, collagen is likely more proficient at achieving this.

Improved digestion

Our bodies better break down foods with Biotin.

Mood boost

A lack of biotin can contribute to an individual suffering from lethargy and, more seriously, depression.

What are the potential side effects and downsides of using biotin supplements?

Allergic reactions

Biotin supplements will prompt allergic reactions in some individuals. If you experience rashes, nausea or swelling of the face with this supplement, immediately discontinue using it.

One plus sometimes brings a minus

If used in combination, Biotin supplements might interfere with the effectiveness of other medications. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Biotin supplements.

Possible side effects

Some who take biotin might experience unwanted side effects, such as an uptick in acne.

Where is biotin found?

Biotin is in egg yolks, bananas, malt, milk, salmon, walnuts, liver, mushrooms and sweet potatoes. Try adding these foods to your diet and spend 2-3 months observing whether this brings any health benefits. If you notice no positive changes, consider taking biotin supplements.

What is collagen?

How can you keep your skin looking young throughout your adult life and your hair shiny and vibrant? One tactic is to retain optimum levels of collagen, one of the body’s essential building blocks. Once we reach 20-25, collagen production begins to falter. One day in the mirror, you will notice that your skin suddenly doesn’t look as firm and elastic as it once did. The likely cause of this is the ageing process of collagen depletion. Fortunately, however, collagen supplements can help us fight the ageing process.

90 days that can change your life

A 90-day course of pure marine collagen taken once per day in soluble form can bring significant health benefits. Collagen can be added to water, your morning coffee, smoothies and juices.

Let’s examine the expected health benefits of using collagen for three months!

What are the benefits of regularly using collagen supplements?

Better-looking skin

Collagen supplements can boost skin elasticity and hydration levels, resulting in healthier, better-looking skin. You can also expect less fine lines and wrinkles.

Collagen can help relieve joint pain

Unfortunately, joint pain is another problem that comes with age. Some are fortunate to experience joint pain only in later life. However, some young people - particularly those who play regular sports such as basketball - will already feel discomfort in their joints in their 20s or 30s.  For some sportspeople, joint problems can spell the end of their previously successful careers. Using collagen supplements is one way to help relieve joint pain.

Improve your muscle mass

Having greater muscle mass is beneficial because it improves metabolic health, as well as aiding insulin resistance. Additionally, it helps us reduce visceral fat levels and helps boost muscle mass.

Collagen can help build bone density

Strong bones are essential. But why? Having strong and healthy bones enables better protection of our organs. Healthy bones are also better at storing calcium. How can we better protect our bone health in our 20s and beyond? The answer is through the combination of a healthy lifestyle - including regular exercise - and the use of collagen supplements.

Healthier and stronger nails and hair

Optimum collagen levels mean healthier and stronger nails and hair.

Improved gut health

Once upon a time, gut health wasn't something the majority of the population concerned themselves with. Unfortunately, modern diets are causing havoc with our gut health. The bad news is that many foods contain harmful toxins and chemicals. Ultra-processed foods are terrible for the gut microbiome. Add collagen to your life to help improve your gut health!

Should I use biotin or collagen?

Biotin supplements claim to improve hair, nails and skin health, although the science does not fully back up these claims. Given the choice between biotin or collagen, you should choose collagen supplements to support your hair, nails and skin. Pregnant women and those suffering from diabetes may, however, benefit from biotin supplements. With so many natural food sources offering biotin, you should first try to source Vitamin B7 naturally rather than through supplements.

A deficit of collagen is something we cannot avoid as we age. Adding this protein to our diets is a wise move for the health-conscious.

What is the best way to source collagen?

The best way to source collagen and restore the body's collagen production is to start consuming collagen internally. Consuming marine collagen peptides will facilitate natural collagen generation by connecting the tissue cells in your body.

Which is the leading pure marine collagen on the market?

Col Du Marine is the leading brand available. Its popularity comes from the fact that it is additive-free and consists entirely of Type I and Type II collagen. 

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