I always try to follow beauty trends, as the industry is rapidly evolving and constantly offering something new. Thanks to my job, I travel a lot and always take vitamins with me to maintain my strength, energy, and beauty.

Col Du Marine™ collagen has recently earned a place of honor in my beauty kit. It is indispensable for those constantly on the move. It’s no secret that frequent flights can negatively affect the condition of your skin and hair, but with the regular intake of collagen, these problems can be mitigated. It helps your skin stay radiant and well-cared-for in any season and even after long flights.

What I particularly like about Col Du Marine™ is the convenient sachet packaging. Sachet sticks are very easy to take anywhere, and there's no need to measure out doses, which is especially practical for frequent travelers.

For me, taking collagen has become a kind of morning ritual for starting the day right. I drink it in the morning, adding it to the warm water with lemon. I highly recommend introducing this beneficial habit into your life, and I am sure you will notice visible results very soon.