After the age of thirty, the production of collagen in the body begins to decline. That's why, for the past two years, I've been incorporating Col Du Marine™ collagen into my beauty daily routine, adopting a pattern of three months followed by a three-month break. As I avoid consuming red meat, bovine collagen isn't suitable for me, but fish collagen fits the bill perfectly. Don't let the term "fish" deter you – there's no smell or taste to it! I stir it into warm water and have it as a morning ritual on an empty stomach. The initial changes can be observed in as little as three weeks. Personally, I've noticed my skin is becoming less dry, and my hair is growing rapidly.

However, ladies, let's not forget – collagen is the icing on the cake. First and foremost, ensure that your diet provides enough protein to meet the body's essential needs. Otherwise, all your collagen will be directed towards internal construction rather than external beauty.

Treat it as a sagacious investment in your health and beauty, and the results are as evident as the radiant complexion it confers. These effects aren't merely skin-deep but undeniably manifest on your visage, creating a tangible transformation!

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