I am a professional trainer and wellness sports specialist, and my daily life involves intense physical training. Every day, I meet clients with weakened immune systems, insufficient overall fitness, weak joints that crack under minimal stress, and appearances that reflect an inactive lifestyle and lack of vitamins. Collagen is one of the remedies that helps the body prevent all this and improves well-being, appearance, and the immune system.

I actively engage in sports myself and know how important it is to strengthen joints and bones, so I decided to try Col Du Marine™ marine collagen (the one without additives). For a month, I drank warm water with 2 scoops of Col Du Marine™ powder every morning, and I can confirm its positive effect and quality. I confidently recommend it to others.

After just a few months of using Col Du Marine™ collagen, I noticed positive changes in my well-being — it significantly improved. Since I lead an active, healthy lifestyle, I can't say I feel bad every day :), but after using Col Du Marine™, I felt my body became even stronger, and my joints more flexible. What I have noticed else, that even after intense workouts my body now recovers a bit faster than usual. Last, but not least, — an additional pleasant effect of using Col Du Marine™ is an even fresher and healthier appearance, which I think women especially appreciate.

It's also nice that the Col Du Marine™ product I tested has no specific smell or taste.

Thank to you - Col Du Marine™ team! A very good product.

I will continue to use it myself and recommend it to my clients.

Gintars Ozols