Greetings to everyone!

I'm Feruza Urazova, one of Latvia's pioneering nutritionists with over 8 years experience in this field.

Come aboard if you fancy:

 - Safeguarding and amping up your health and fitness;
 - Attaining glowing skin and luscious hair;
 - Effortlessly rewinding the clock and intercepting the aging process;
 - Waking up each day with a spring in your step, a grin on your face, and a bucketload of energy.

I firmly believe that a human body is a marvelously clever, self-healing system. Nailing down absolute health? A breeze! You just need to understand your "body instruction manual." I've aced this manual and I’m itching to share this knowledge with all of you!

A bit more about myself:

- Accredited clinical, integrative nutritionist;
- Family nutritionist;
- Proud member of the nutritionists' association;
- Health & fitness coach;
- On a constant quest for knowledge at top-notch international universities.

More than 5,000 individuals have successfully completed my training courses, leaving them positively glowing with results.

I won't dish out a magic pill, but I'll steer you towards daily deeds that’ll have your body thanking you in the healthiest way possible. After all, health is our go-to gadget for living our dream life, savoring true happiness, and bathing in abundance.

Consider it all my gift to you. That's why Marine Collagen, Col Du Marine™, is an essential supplement in my recommendations, protocols, and projects "DETOX" and "TRANSFORMATION" for improving the quality of life and health.

Collagen is the fundamental structural protein of skin, hair, nails, bones, and teeth. It forms the foundation of tendons, ligaments, blood vessel walls, muscles, and tissues of internal organs. As the collagen production decreases with age, it's crucial to assist your body in replenishing this valuable and game-changer component.

I've been taking Col Du Marine™ Marine Collagen daily for about 5 years and recommend it to everyone!

With all due respect,

Feruza Urazova